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Class Description

over 3 years ago

By Christian Hoenike

Program Description

Riverside Middle School 6th Gr. Intervention Program




The 6th grade Intervention program is an academic intervention program for any student in the 6th grade at Riverside Middle School.  It is based on the individual need of each student concentrating on the areas of Literacy and Math.  A continuum of services is offered including one on one or small group instruction, flexible grouping, and in-class academic support.  Testing accommodations and assignment modification support is also offered.


In the 6th gr. Intervention program all students with academic needs can receive support through intervention from a certified teacher in addition to their regular classroom teacher.  Through coordinated planning, students receive regular education instruction in content areas as well as additional instruction on specific, targeted skills in areas of concern.  This instruction can include re-teaching of key ideas, pre- teaching concepts or vocabulary, additional practice on weak skills, testing accommodations, and assistance on classroom assignments.

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